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Technology and Law in one hand

Through advanced technology, future-oriented products are created, which must be comprehensively protected. The basic prerequisite for targeted consulting and the starting point for effective protection at this sensitive interface between technology and law is a deep understanding of the technical developments and individual products of our clients. All of our patent attorneys are engineering graduates, ensuring that they speak with the developers "one language". This is, in our opinion, the key to success for the best possible protection of technical innovations.

We cover a wide range of individual areas of expertise. Special expertise is provided by our patent attorneys in the automotive industry, especially in the fields of drive technology, combustion engines, electrical systems and components, transmission technology, chassis and bodywork technology. Other areas of expertise in which our patent attorneys have extensive knowledge are agricultural engineering, special deep building, plastics technology, medical technology, waste water technology, aerospace technology and manufacturing technology. Not least in the growing field of information technology, especially of software and computer-related inventions, which pose special requirements for the formulation of patent applications, our patent attorneys can look back on extensive experience.

With our technical understanding as a basis and our specific legal knowledge in the context of industrial property rights, we offer technology and law from a single source to protect our clients' innovations.