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Our office is located centrally in the southern part of the city of Cologne (Kölner Südstadt), i.e. between Barbarossaplatz and Chlodwigplatz. You can get to us in an easy and comfortable manner by:

From the main station of Cologne (Kolner Hauptbahnhof) take tram No. 16 up to the stop Ulrepforte.

From North, East, South:
A559 direction Zentrum/Deutz, exit on the right direction Severinsbrucke, behind the Severinsbrücke turn right direction Chlodwigplatz/Südstadt (Tel-Aviv-Stralke), further onto Ulrichgasse, then onto Vorgebirgsstral3e, turn right into Lothringerstrafle. You can park on the Car park Lothringerstr. 51-55.

From West:
A4 exit Klettenberg, B265 direction Koln, turn right onto B9 (Salierring), further onto B9 (Sachsenring), turn right into Overstolzenstrafse. You can park on the car park Lothringerstr. 51-55.

The office is located approximately 20 minutes by car from the Koln-Bonner Konrad- Adenauer-Flughafen (Cologne Airport). From there you can take the S-Bahn (tram) to the Kölner Hauptbahnhof (Cologne main station) and from there by tram as stated above or by car take the approach from the south.

You can find a photo of the office building in the company details. You can see a scalable map of the inner city of Cologne (Koln) on the left.