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Close cooperation with our clients enables us to develop individual and tailor-made solutions for their needs. Intensive discussions lead to a comprehensive understanding of the undertakings of our clients. Regularly, we are directly integrated into the internal processes of our clients in order to jointly develop strategies.


When advising our clients, it is important to us to find the most suitable way between the possible extremes, i.e. enforcing intellectual property rights and finding an amicable solution. In this connection, it is our concern that the business interests and the core tasks should be kept in mind when deciding on industrial property rights.


As part of our daily work we pay attention to the highest possible service quality. In doing so, we have a need not to work out our tasks according to the scheme, but to always seek individual solutions to achieve the best possible result. In addition to high process quality, we also pay particular attention to the high quality of results that we achieve by regularly applying a "four-eyes principle" when dealing with tasks for the benefit of our clients.


In our opinion, trustworthy cooperation between clients and consultants requires transparency in all matters. This concerns the service itself, but not least also pricing. We attach great importance to comprehensively processing complicated legal matters for our clients so that they are easy to understand and ultimately provide a good basis for effective decisions.