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Experts for infringement questions

In connection with new technical developments or other innovations, we examine and evaluate the risk of possible infringement of third-party rights (patents, trademarks, design rights). Our well-founded expert opinions help our clients to make an entrepreneurial decision regarding their respective IP matter.

We always support our clients to find an amicable solution out of court in case of controversial positions. Concerning economical reasons this is often a useful way, as precious resources are saved in favor of core businesses.

One of our competences is, however, to defend the rights of our clients in cases of infringement by third parties before the competent German courts. Similarly, we can react to legal attacks on our clients in all areas of intellectual property law comprehensively and with due regard to all legal and technical aspects. In doing so, we work closely with lawyers specializing in the respective specialist field, which we consult in individual cases as required.